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We’re gearing up for the OPMED conference next week in San Antonio. As an Exhibitor Sponsor, Outpatient App will set up at Booth #217, where we will showcase the full capabilities of our Healthcare Workflow Automation platform, including the latest features addressing simplicity and efficiency.

One highlight we’ll feature is the Virtual Health Provider Consult and Secure Messaging system, a pioneering module developed with hometown partner Joint Base San Antonio. This innovative system, which debuted last year, enables more efficient and effective communication between providers and medical staff.

We will also highlight three major new milestones that represent true Game Changer improvements:

1) PHA and Appointment Scheduling with Robotic EHR Integration 

We are implementing the first Robotic Process integration with Genesis at an MTF site in the next few weeks (in collaboration with Ui Path). It’s not just Genesis, but also the Patient Readiness databases (i.e MEDPROS, ASIMS, MRRS). Our system has already shown to save thousands of hours in efficiency, mostly on the patient or service member side. Now this step is a game changer for the medical staff.  It will literally save each Med Tech or Admin role 3-4+ hrs per day.

2) Physician and Med Staff Scheduling

We’re enhancing our Med Staff Scheduling system to support broad regional coordination of physician and medical staff schedules. It’s designed to support large health systems, like the VA for example, as well as regional Medical Operations and Military Treatment Facilities (MTF’s). 

By enabling medical roles to manage their own schedules, along with proper approvals and conflict notifications, we eliminate the massive burden on administrators. Those administrators can now easily monitor regular schedule templates with minimal effort.  Follow this with the flexibility of reporting and schedule exporting to other systems, and this becomes a truly efficient medical human resource schedule manager.

3) Occupational Health and Employer Readiness 

Over the past few months, we’ve quietly been developing a new Occupational Health tracking system. For employees (civilian and service members) with jobs that require OH compliance measures, our system enables a location (i.e. clinic or installation) to dynamically create the check-list required by position and then track the workflow to confirm compliance by each patient employee.

Our collaboration partners include Joint Base San Antonio, including Lackland Reid Clinic and BAMC

The OPMED Symposium stands as a vital assembly point for military medical leaders, showcasing innovations and advancements across the industry. We are proud to be part of this ecosystem, contributing our technology to support Military Health with advanced, efficient solutions.

Outpatient App is a digital health workflow automation system designed to simplify Readiness, Medical Operations, and Communications for Military Installations, leveraging coordination and collaboration systems for any medical task or healthcare process. With the integration of advanced software, including AI and ML, we significantly enhance operational efficiency and data intelligence.

At Outpatient App, we’re very aligned with the vision of transforming healthcare. We’ve worked closely with Military Health operations to adapt our solutions in their operating environment. Our key features, such as self-serve Scheduling (i.e. Schedule Request Appointing), On-Call Staff SchedulingVirtual Health Consult and CommunicationReadinessOccupational Health, and Secure Provider Messaging, are all designed to streamline military health systems. Being here, we collaborate with other best of breed solutions. Together, we can showcase how our technology can be a cornerstone in the advancement of healthcare services.

If you’re attending OPMED, come say hi at booth #217. Discover how our innovative solutions, such as scheduling Periodic Health Assessments, Labs, and Immunizations, can streamline military health operations and contribute to the readiness and effectiveness of our armed forces.

At Last Year’s Symposium:
Talking with the Leidos / QTC team leading the RHRP project for Reservists, and Major General Paul Friedrichs, Command Surgeon for Joint Chiefs of Staff

Join us at the OPMED Symposium to engage with industry leaders and key decision-makers, explore prospects and partnerships, and contribute to the discussions shaping the future of military medicine.

See you at the OPMED 2024! #OPMED2024

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Last Year’s OPMED Symposium

Previous 2024 Conferences

This year, the Outpatient App team took the healthcare technology landscape by storm, marking our presence at two significant conferences in the DC area: HITS24 (HealthIT Summit) and AMSUS 2024 (Association of Military Surgeons of the United States). As proud sponsors of these events, we had the unique opportunity to engage with a broad spectrum of healthcare professionals, showcase our cutting-edge solutions, and contribute to the advancement of healthcare technology in meaningful ways.

The Outpatient App team at #AMSUS2024. We were delighted and proud to be a sponsor of AMSUS – The Society of Federal Health Professionals Annual Meeting!

It was an honor for us to be a part of such a significant gathering of healthcare professionals, where we can showcase our innovative solutions and contribute to the advancement of healthcare technology.

Peter Yewell and Michael Kellenbenz from Outpatient App at AFCEA Bethesda Health IT Summit 2024 in Bethesda, MD. It was great meeting with Mike Perkins, who is the Operations/Program Manager at ECS! Our own MKB (Kellenbenz) asking a question at this MHS Session.

Had the pleasure of chatting with LT General Telita Crosland, Director of Defense Health Agency. Also cool, meeting MG Philip Volpe, Chair of AMSUS and LTG James Peake, Former Sec, U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs, Former SG, Army, Former Pres, ATA (Retired).

The Outpatient App team meeting with partners and leaders in Federal Health. Jason Windsor From GDIT and Mary Womack, a Rockstar at Leidos.

The Outpatient App team had an enjoyable time at our two sponsored networking events last night, and we want to express our gratitude to everyone who attended.

Our happy hour event at Public House National Harbor was a great success! Many #AMSUS2024 attendees joined us; we hope everyone enjoyed their time!

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