Simplify Health for Families

"Our problem as a country is not with the 65-year-old jogger with two Fitbits, it’s the person who misses the bus to her dialysis appointment. We're capable of providing good care in this country. Put your efforts into improving the logistics of healthcare."

- Andy Slavitt - Former Head of Medicare, Medicaid, ACA

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The Team

Prior to Outpatient: 

  • COO, Premise Data 
  • Product/Partnerships, Facebook (Mobile)
  • Co-creator,
  • President, Brightstar
  • MBA Harvard, BA Northwestern University

Brian Corey

Co-founder, CEO

Prior to Outpatient: 

  • Director Sales, Facebook (Mobile)
    (original fb sales team)
  • Sales Manager, Yahoo
  • Sales
  • Co-founder, Generator Lab (
  • EE, CE University of Missouri

Peter Yewell

Co-founder, COO

Prior to Outpatient: 

  • Early engineer at Nest Labs
  • SWE, Leap Motion
  • Co-founder, Laszlo Systems
  • 18+ years teaching Javascript and HTML at San Francisco State University
  • Shipped first software product at age 8 (BASIC)

Max Carlson

Head of Engineering & CTO

Prior to Outpatient: 

  • Senior Software Engineer, Beepi
  • Software Engineer, Novartis SA

Fernando Abdala

Software Engineer

Prior to Outpatient: 

  • 20 years experience in UX Design
  • 10 AAF Addy Awards
  • Featured in Forbes, Mashable, and Yahoo
  • UX Design, Salesforce

Patrick Johnson


Prior to Outpatient: 

  • SWE, (Poshly)
  • SWE, Cola
  • SWE, Blazing Cloud
  • SWE, Laszlo Systems

Lorien Henry-Wilkins

Software Engineer

Prior to Outpatient: 

  • VP Operations, Superior Financial
  • Bronze Medalist, Team USA Synchronized Swimming
     2004 Summer Olympics

Tammy deClercq

Marketing Operations

Prior to Outpatient: 

  • Marketing Coordinator,
    Holzer Health System

Heather Clifford

Marketing & Business Development


Denny Weinberg

Founder Wellpoint/Anthem; CEO Hixme

Aaron Salyapongse, MD

Orthopedic Surgeon – Stanford Health Care

Howard Zeiger, MD

Physician/Partner – John Muir Health

Scott Kabat

CMO, VP Mktg
One Medical Group, Prezi, Cisco

Steph Hannon

Consumer Tech — Chief Product Officer, Strava; ex-Director PM Facebook, Google; former CTO Hillary for America

Rodrigo Schmidt

Engineering Leadership – VPE, Facebook, Instagram

Rob Daniel

Messaging – PM, Uber and Facebook Messenger

David Temkin

Messaging – Apple, AOL, Cola (sold to Layer)

Gautam Roy

Infrastructure Growth & Mobile Engineering – Facebook, Houseparty, Samsung

Taggart Matthiesen

Head of Product, Autonomous – Lyft

Jennifer Chung

Co-Founder and CEO – Kinsights

Investor Partners

How it all began

Starting with a simple

idea for a healthcare app

Working on a consumer focus at Outpatient. Our goal is to simplify the Outpatient Health experience for Patients and Families.

We’ve been working on it for many months – first with months of research and now building a product. See how it all began with a simple question.

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