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On the heels of OPMED in San Antonio two weeks ago, Team Outpatient is hitting the road for Portland and the MHS Conference. MHS is a four day event sponsored by the Assistant Secretary of Defense for Health Affairs, the Honorable Dr Lester Martinez-Lopez. For the Military Health System, it’s their big event of the year. 

In the short time between these two events, our team has taken the feedback received at OPMED and developed a new technology advancement that we will introduce this week in Portland. Teaser Alert! 

Outpatient App at its core is a technology innovation company focused on improving health process efficiency.  We do so quickly and iteratively. Basically, we move fast and listen to feedback. 

At OPMED, we demoed three (3) new solutions – one of which was PHA Scheduling with Robotic EHR Integration. The Robotic System Integration element is a massive improvement that will save Medical Staff 3-4 hours per person per day!  If your team manages the PHA process in any form, you’ll be interested in this solution. 

While acknowledging the value and accomplishment, we heard from multiple DoD Health leaders that another big request was moving the first step in the PHA process, the “Part A”, onto the phones. Two high ranking Generals commented similarly,  “If you could get Part A onto the phones, that would be another huge win.”

So our team did some homework, and designed a solution. We now have a fully functional prototype solution, which we will demo this week in Portland.  And it’ll be on our phones – just like they asked.

This next step in advancing the modernization of the PHA process now creates a full End to End Solution. From enabling all Patient / Service Member steps on their phones, to robotically automating all the Med Staff Admin steps for the Med Tech in the clinic(s), the combined system directly addresses all steps and roles in the process.  

For those attending MHS this week, these graphics are a sneak peak at the total solution. There will be a printed version included in Registration Packets for all MHS attendees.  Please reach out if you’re interested, we would love to show you the full detail this week.

Best Wishes!

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