The Outpatient App & Senior Care Conference Tour

Over the past six weeks, Team Outpatient has been hitting the road on a conference tour introducing Professional Caregivers and Senior Living Communities to the new Outpatient App.  

Last week, we joined two events – CALA Elevate in Monterey and Boomer Venture Summit in Berkeley. These two events were just the latest in a string of several recent events across the country where we Presented, Sponsored, Pitched, and Shared our new Outpatient App – Designed to Simplify Caregiving for Everyone.

We introduced the free version of Outpatient last September (2018). We have continually improved on it with many new features over the last 9 months.

The app is being used right now by more than 5,000 people every week and growing rapidly at about 20%+ per month. During this time, we have heard from countless professional caregivers who asked for something similar that would work in their work environment.

Outpatient for Professional Caregivers

These events were all about sharing our brand new Premium features – designed specifically for Senior Living Communities and Professional Caregivers. We created this version by monitoring care staff workflows in dozens of Assisted Living and Senior Living Communities to observe what they need and lack.

We listened to their frustrations, concerns and requests and built a product to help them.

We’re introducing these premium product features this summer so that Professional Caregivers get even more benefit from Outpatient.

Some benefits of these premium features include:

  • Increased productivity with a mobile point-of-care ADL documentation system
  • Improved communication with residents and client families at senior care centers
  • Happier and more informed communities and clients
  • Reduced litigation risk from daily operations

We will continue listening and building and iterating more to help professional caregivers do their job. These are special people who want to help others with heart, skill, and efficiency so they can do more and make a difference. We know they need simpler and more modern tools. We’re building Outpatient for them.

Highlights from the Outpatient tour  

CALA Elevate


CALA is the California Assisted Living Association and CALA Elevate is their Spring conference. CALA’s mission is “the betterment of Assisted Living, Memory Care, and Continuing Care Retirement Communities”. These are also priorities for Outpatient as a company and we are glad to align our mission with them.

We met hundreds of Senior Living operators and other companies serving the same audience at CALA Elevate.

More information: http://caassistedliving.org/

Outpatient CEO Brian Corey and COO Peter Yewell with team members offering Outpatient trials at CALA Elevate.

Team Outpatient at CALA Elevate sharing yummy chocolate truffles and Outpatient app demos to everyone there.

Cypress at Golden Gate senior living facility in San Francisco, California won the Outpatient raffle at CALA Elevate. This photo shows the winners with their prize.

Cypress at Golden Gate won the Outpatient raffle at CALA Elevate. They are a luxurious senior living community located in San Francisco, California.

Silicon Valley Boomer Summit in Berkeley


The Silicon Valley Boomer Summit focuses on technology innovation for elder care. Mary Furlong is a long-time steward supporting this movement and puts on an impressive event. We met with industry leaders and discussed how technology can create solutions in this space.

Outpatient pitched the conference in a session on “financial empowerment through social connections”. While not exactly our mission, this definitely aligns well with helping monitor all important activity, including medical, social, and financial.

It’s very important for the industry to recognize how all these elements combine into a better and more well rounded support structure. Outpatient is in a unique position to help all components of better health and human fulfillment.

Outpatient COO Peter Yewell speaking at the Boommer Summit in Berkeley, California.

More info: http://www.boomerventuresummit.com/

Healthcare CEO Council / CareTech Pitch in Louisville, KY


Outpatient was selected as 1 of the 3 finalists for the Louisville Healthcare CEO Council’s CareTech Pitch competition. Louisville is a major healthcare center (Humana, Kindred, Atria Senior Living, Trilogy Health Services, etc.) and has made incredible investments in becoming the home of A.I. — Aging Innovation.

Outpatient CEO Brian Corey with Matt Bevin, Governor of Kentucy at CareTech Pitch in Louisville, Kentucky.

Outpatient Co-Founder and CEO Brian Corey met with CEOs and senior executives from all across the Louisville health landscape. The beginnings of hopefully many great partnerships were created at the fantastic event — Outpatient definitely fills a need that the healthcare industry knows exists.

More information: http://caretechpitch.com/

Acute & Post Acute Summit in St Louis, MO

St. Louis, Missouri is another major healthcare hub and this Summit brings people from all over the country to promote Innovation for Elder Care. Team Outpatient was invited to give a Ted Talk on the personal stories leading to building the Outpatient App.

Peter met with Senior Execs from SSM Health, Ascension Health, The US Health Dept, and the NIC.

Outpatient COO Peter Yewell with NIC Founder Robert G. Kramer at Acute & Post-Acute Summit in St. Louis

Outpatient COO Peter Yewell with NIC Founder and Chairman Robert G. Kramer.

Robert G. Kramer was a Keynote speaker at the summit in St. Louis. National Investment Center for Seniors Housing and Care (NIC) is a non-profit built to enable access and choice. It is a tremendous resource for the industry, almost all data on elder focused healthcare comes from the NIC.

Robert said to Peter after his keynote, “I warmed up for you. You’re going to do great!” It was great meeting him.

Outpatient Co-Founder Peter Yewell presenting at Acute and Post-Acute Summit.

More information: http://www.leadingagemissouri.org/page/2019AcuteandPost

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