Denny’s Question

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We’re working on a consumer focus at Outpatient. Our goal is to simplify the Outpatient Health experience for Patients and Families.

We’ve been working on it for many months – first with months of research and now building a product.
Our backgrounds are not in healthcare. We each have personal experience dealing with the bureaucracy of healthcare. We’ve each gone through very difficult family health experiences and had to manage situations without knowing how or where to get answers. But the truth is we lack previous working experience in this industry. We have deep consumer, mobile experience and a belief that the process can and should be MUCH better for just about everyone. We’ve worked hard over the past many months researching, interviewing, reading, and preparing to tackle this mission.

In April, I met Denny. He was introduced by a mutual friend and he’s the kind of person who could be really helpful. He is a successful entrepreneur within Healthcare and was part of the founding team at Wellpoint Health (now Anthem). He’s founded or led several other successful ventures and is currently CEO of a new company working to make employee benefits more accessible.

Our mutual friend had told Denny a little about Outpatient, so he had some familiarity. He started asking questions right away. In a friendly manner, but rapid fire and very pointed. And it seemed to be going ‘ok’ … until he got to the Question …

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healthy hamburger helper

Healthy Hamburger Helper

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My 72-year-old mom loves hamburgers. She recently spent a month in the hospital and ate almost one per day, compliments of the hospital kitchen and I assume, Medicare. So after she had sufficiently rehabilitated and recovered from a severely broken ankle, I took her out to a new hamburger restaurant nearby with family.

When we sat down there was an iPad in the middle of the table that served as our menu. After activating the screen, I learned that this hamburger was truly personalized and there was no such thing as a “typical” hamburger here. All I had to do was select which combination of ingredients and toppings I wanted…and then repeat that process for the 9 other people at the table. It was a modern ordering system, complete with a touchscreen and on-demand fulfillment that let me express who I am through my choice of bacon or CANADIAN BACON, fried egg or HARD BOILED EGG, cheddar cheese or FETA CHEESE, and a sum total of 2.6313084e+35 possible combinations (32 different toppings to choose from, not counting sauces!).

I got excited by all the possibilities until I realized how much work it would be to create 10 different hamburgers. When I started to ask some order preferences of my mom, she was apprehensive. “Oh, I don’t know. You choose. That’s overwhelming.” Luckily for her, I have eaten green onions, raw onions, and caramelized onions. I can taste the difference between dried cranberries and golden raisins. I’m a food expert — I’ve eaten at least 40,000 times. I can do this!

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