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The Outpatient App team at #AMSUS2024. We were delighted and proud to be a sponsor of AMSUS – The Society of Federal Health Professionals Annual Meeting!

It was an honor for us to be a part of such a significant gathering of healthcare professionals, where we can showcase our innovative solutions and contribute to the advancement of healthcare technology.

This year, the Outpatient App team took the healthcare technology landscape by storm, marking our presence at two significant conferences in the DC area: HITS24 (HealthIT Summit) and AMSUS 2024 (Association of Military Surgeons of the United States). As proud sponsors of these events, we had the unique opportunity to engage with a broad spectrum of healthcare professionals, showcase our cutting-edge solutions, and contribute to the advancement of healthcare technology in meaningful ways.

Peter Yewell and Michael Kellenbenz from Outpatient App at AFCEA Bethesda Health IT Summit 2024 in Bethesda, MD. It was great meeting with Mike Perkins, who is the Operations/Program Manager at ECS! Our own MKB (Kellenbenz) asking a question at this MHS Session.

A Sponsorship of Innovation and Collaboration

At both HITS24 and AMSUS 2024, the Outpatient App team not only sponsored but also played a pivotal role in facilitating connections among healthcare professionals. Our sponsorship underscored our commitment to enhancing healthcare through technology, evidenced by our involvement in two key events on Tuesday: The Poster Reception Networking Event and a Happy Hour Reception at Public House National Harbor. These gatherings were not just about networking; they were a celebration of the collaborative spirit that drives progress in healthcare.

Had the pleasure of chatting with LT General Telita Crosland, Director of Defense Health Agency. Also cool, meeting MG Philip Volpe, Chair of AMSUS and LTG James Peake, Former Sec, U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs, Former SG, Army, Former Pres, ATA (Retired).

Memorable Encounters and Strategic Dialogues

The conferences served as a backdrop for several memorable encounters with leaders in the field. Our team had the honor of engaging with figures like LT General Telita Crosland, Director of Defense Health Agency, and MG Philip Volpe, Chair of AMSUS, among others. Such interactions are invaluable, providing us with insights and opportunities to discuss future collaborations and innovations.

Peter Yewell and Michael Kellenbenz represented Outpatient App brilliantly, engaging in meaningful dialogues, including an insightful session with Mike Perkins from ECS. These exchanges are testament to the importance of face-to-face interactions in fostering partnerships and understanding industry needs.

The Outpatient App team meeting with partners and leaders in Federal Health. Jason Windsor From GDIT and Mary Womack, a Rockstar at Leidos.

Networking Events: A Hub for Collaboration

The highlight for many was our sponsored networking events, which brought together professionals from various sectors within federal health, including VA, MHS, and HHS, among others. These events were not just about unwinding after a day of sessions but also about building relationships that could lead to collaborative ventures in the future.

Our happy hour event at Public House National Harbor was particularly successful, drawing a large crowd of #AMSUS2024 attendees. It was a vibrant gathering that allowed for relaxed conversations and deeper connections among participants.

This year, we sponsored two Networking Events on Tuesday: The Poster Reception Networking Event and a Happy Hour Reception at Public House National Harbor across the street from the conference.

Showcasing Innovation: The Outpatient App in Action

A significant aspect of our participation was the demonstration of our updated scheduling system, complete with UI Path Integration. This innovation addresses the prevalent challenge of system integration within federal health by enabling seamless copy/paste of patient scheduling information into EHRs and other systems. It’s a clear example of how we’re navigating obstacles and enhancing efficiency in healthcare processes.

The Outpatient App team had an enjoyable time at our two sponsored networking events last night, and we want to express our gratitude to everyone who attended.

Our happy hour event at Public House National Harbor was a great success! Many #AMSUS2024 attendees joined us; we hope everyone enjoyed their time!

The Power of Networking and Marketing Efforts

Our team’s efforts were bolstered by strategic marketing, including materials distribution, room drops to all attendees, and an email blast, ensuring our presence was felt throughout the event. Special mention goes to Michael Kellenbenz for his networking prowess, effectively positioning our solutions and facilitating introductions that could lead to future collaborations.

Reflections and the Road Ahead

Reflecting on our experiences from the previous year, it’s evident that our involvement in conferences like AMSUS is more than just about showcasing our platform; it’s about engaging in the broader conversation on collaboration and innovation in military and federal healthcare. The feedback and insights we gather from these interactions are instrumental in refining our offerings and understanding the evolving needs of the healthcare industry.

As we move forward, the Outpatient App team remains dedicated to leveraging technology to enhance healthcare processes, ensuring that military personnel and healthcare professionals alike benefit from more efficient and effective care. Our participation in HITS24 and AMSUS 2024 has not only reinforced our commitment to this mission but has also opened new avenues for collaboration and innovation. Here’s to more such opportunities in the future, as we continue to navigate and influence the healthcare technology landscape.

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