Health Issues are the Worst!

But they happen and in the aftermath, you're trying to coordinate everything. It can be a long process, disruptive, and overwhelming. It's really hard to manage it all and it's important to keep your family involved. Outpatient is a new way to help you help all the people in your life.

We understand your challenge, the numerous decisions you have to make while also managing the rest of your life. Outpatient is here to simplify your world!

With Outpatient, You Can:

Control the Situation

with Patient Profile

Choose who's Involved

with Family Circle

Sync your Schedule

with Shared Calendar

Update your Family

with Group Messaging


We remember everything so you don't have to.

Unified Family Medical History

Messaging Built for Family

Easily message your family circle - the entire group or any subset within it. Sometimes you need to have a conversation with 'not everyone' included.

3 Ways to Message

Group Messaging

Cheer Dad's progress and recovery


For when not everyone should be included


Sometimes a positive message makes a huge difference

Stay on Track

The Healthcare industry calls it Compliance. Following your recommended care plan or basically just doing what you're supposed to be doing. Way too often, patients don't follow their plan. The family can help if they're armed with an easy-to-use tool.

With Outpatient, the family can quickly and easily help “their patient” stay on track.

Shared Scheduling

The family users all see the same shared activity calendar and can monitor progress:

  • Create and Edit your scheduled activities

  • Set appointments with Medical Providers

  • Set Reminders for everyone who’s helping

Visible by your family circle, where they can monitor progress and stay in touch. Sometimes just saying hi after a doctor appointment is a pretty big help.

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