The Scheduler – Now with Labs & Immunizations

Big update from Outpatient and our partners at Travis Air Force Base.

Next week, we are introducing a big update to The Scheduler Platform currently in use at Travis Air Force Base. This system started out scheduling and tracking PHA requests for Active Duty Service Members at Travis.  For more than 6 months now, this system has been in full use there and we tracked the ROI benefit saving nearly 6,000 man-hours with just PHA’s. This is a huge efficiency improvement with just one feature.

Recently they asked us to expand the platform to include Labs and Immunizations. The expanded system with these additions will go into operation over the next couple weeks. 

The Scheduler currently enables a two person medical staff team to support PHA requests from more than 10,000 Service Members. The updated system will now also support the Travis community Civilians and Families, which increases the population by more than 15,000 additional people supported through this one platform. 

We forecast this new update will triple the volume and likely more than triple the ROI in efficiency.  Equally important, however, is extending support to Civilians and Families. Most military bases clinics (MTF, Military Treatment Facilities) are multi-purpose in serving Active Duty needs and also residential civilians in their community. Increasing their provider and staff efficiency is literally mission critical to their success.

Saving Nearly 6,000 Hours at Travis Air Force Base

And Now Will Triple Volume - Adding AD + Civilians & Families with Labs, Immunizations

After initial testing the system with smaller audiences last summer, the PHA Scheduler was rolled out across Travis AFB and has seen great success for more than 6 months continually since then.

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Just scan a QR Code

A Quicker, Easier Way to Schedule Labs, Vaccines, and PHA For Active Duty and Civilians / Families

Dynamic mobile scheduling platform for Periodic Health Assessments (PHA) and other routine medical tasks such as Labs and Immunizations. The system connects Patients and Medical Staff asynchronously so both sides access easily when time permits and doesn’t depend on live response from the other side. 

The patient scans a QR code launching a mobile signup interface to select a timeslot. The Med Staff track the inbound requests and can respond in bulk across dozens at a time. Thus eliminating the need for most live calls and emails.

New Scheduler Platform

Key Benefits to Travis AFB, other MTF Market Regions, and DHA

  • Ready To Go Now
    System is fully live at Travis. It has been tested and measured to prove value.
  • Immediate Impact to Patient Care
    Improves speed and access to care, enables easy communication, and is much more efficient for medical staff. Directly improves Access, Speed and Efficiency.
  • Broad Impact across multiple MTF’s or enterprise
    System is ready and available to be implemented at multiple MTF locations, hence the potential for broad based benefits across the enterprise.


The co-development and implementation of The Scheduler Platform in partnership with Travis Air Force Base has been an inspirational success. Applying modern technology to simple problems can yield enormous benefits. 

The 60th Medical Group, the medical staff team and their leadership, have been innovative champions helping us navigate and implement the system. Thank You! 

To learn more about the Outpatient App Military Health Automation platform, please visit us here: https://getoutpatient.com/military-health-automation.

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