Organizations that we Believe In: NFS & BikeMS

Assisting philanthropic organizations is one of the cornerstones of loving our fellow human beings. Outpatient App considers it an important duty for our organization, especially in light of our particular mission to help people utilize health information. We want to share with you some of the several philanthropic efforts we really enjoy doing.

The first collaboration we want to highlight is our work with the Nephrotic Syndrome Foundation (NFS). This organization exists for the express purpose of assisting the families of children suffering from Nephrotic Syndrome (NS).

What is NS? It’s a combination of symptoms that stem from a loss of kidney function. Those difficult symptoms include blood clots, swelling, bloating, and loss of appetite, and the prognosis can be life-threatening in some cases.

Outpatient App supports the NSF Backpacks of Hope project by contributing crucial supplies and materials to their cause. This includes access to our mobile resources. Everything goes straight to families, and this is our second year of helping this terrific foundation.

The BikeMS cycling promotion is a ton of fun, and it’s for a great cause. It’s a series of bicycle races that take place throughout the country, with the proceeds going toward a cure for Multiple Sclerosis. Upcoming races will take place in Port Clinton, OH, as well as Quincy, MA later in June.

Finding a cure for the devastating MS condition is near and dear to the hearts of our team at Outpatient App. That’s because multiple team members have struggled with this disease firsthand. We began co-sponsoring events back in 2018, and in 2022, our dedicated staff has

raised a grand total of $100,000 for BikeMS. We’d love for you to join us for an awesome biking adventure whenever they host a race in your neck of the woods.

Striving to Continue the Outpatient App Mission

Our primary objectives of simplifying and streamlining digital health information are fully congruent with our charitable and philanthropic efforts. We’re pleased to use our resources to help military service members, families, and disabled Americans as much as possible. We believe that our healthcare workflow automation system makes a difference by allowing for easier and more efficient medical treatment. Our free care coordination mobile app makes it easier for all relevant parties to track the entire healthcare history of any patient.

Feel free to contact us at Outpatient App at any time to find out more about NFS, BikeMS, and all of our digital services.

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