Greater efficiency,

greater resident care

Why Professional Caregivers Love It:

  • Improve office efficiency and your focus on care

  • Improve communication between residents and families 

More family involvement means:

  • Fewer emails and phone calls

  • More adherence to treatment plan

  • Increase adherence with the care plan

  • More resident satisfaction

  • More support for long term healthcare referrals

  • Receive family support for the care plan

Why Senior Living Facilities Love It:

  • Improve your relationship with the residents & families (CRM)

  • Improve your office efficiency and adherence to the care plan

When efficiency increases, everyone wins:

  • Assist & confirm resident appointments

  • Extend relationship with resident to include the family

  • Receive feedback more easily from your residents

  • Improve communications with your residents

  • Reduce risk

What They’re Saying

“Our problem as a country is not with the 65-year-old jogger with two Fitbits, it’s the person who misses the bus to her dialysis appointment. We're capable of providing good care in this country. Put your efforts into improving the logistics of healthcare.”

Andy Slavittformer Head of Medicare, Medicaid, ACA

“Looking at your website I can see the long term benefits (my parents/baby boomers, etc.) but the short term issues like Julie's brother I see immediate value.”

Father / Son / Brother

“Yes, health events suck for both patients and loved ones. Something like Outpatient could make the healthcare journey less daunting and frustrating.”

Career Medical Journalist / Mother / Family Champion

“I would love to try out the app. What are the provisions for adding patients' medications in the app. Refills? Those are typically the pain points in my patient population.”

Physician - Internist / Mother / Family Champion

Family & Patient

Health events are draining & families are overwhelmed.

  • Tracking & confirming all the appointments

  • Medications & home treatments

  • Need for support & encouragement

  • Logistics & transportation

  • Updates & communication with family

  • Sharing information & answers

Medical Providers

Help your residents while improving your office efficiency.

  • Increase family involvement

  • Increase care plan adherence

  • Improve care plan execution

  • Reduce emails & phone calls

  • Increase practice productivity

  • Increase resident satisfaction

  • Strengthen relationship with resident & family

  • Family understanding reduces liability

Simplify Health with Outpatient

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