Streamlining Patient Care

Supporting physicians and medical professionals by helping patients to stay on track.

How does Outpatient enable you to reach your clinical & practice goals?

Here, we provide the answers to how Outpatient will improve your productivity & patient outcomes.

How does Outpatient help your patients?

By organizing family members to manage the many facets of treatment and recovery. Outpatient acts as central command. Family caregivers and patients enter all the details of illness, injury, treatment and care instructions into the app. When and where is grandma’s next appointment? How much medication does dad need? Who’s available to drive mom to physical therapy? Nothing has to fall through the cracks.

Can Outpatient’s support for patients translate to improved efficiency for you and your office?

You bet. You’ll spend less time fielding unnecessary phone calls and emails and engaging in other forms of repetitive communication. Outpatient designates one family champion for your patient. That person acts as your proxy, reinforcing your message and communicating it to other pertinent family members and other caregivers. What should we eliminate from Uncle John’s diet? What kind of medical equipment should we purchase for Aunt Jane? Who will remind Grandma Rose to take her blood pressure everyday? The family champion ensures that pertinent family members and friends receive:

  • the latest updates on the patient’s condition, needs and treatment plan.
  • new entries on Outpatient, such as appointments and tasks.
  • information on how to follow through with care instructions, such as reminding the patient to take medications or schedule tests.
  • opportunities to help with transportation, meals, or other tasks and logistics.

The upshot? You’ll spend less time repeating yourself. Your patients will have a better chance at improvement or recovery.

In what other ways does Outpatient directly correlate to increasing efficiency in my practice?

You’ll save time because family members – instead of you or your staff – will:

  • keep track of the medication regimen. Your patient will be taking the correct medications. Your staff won’t be spinning their wheels trying to figure it out.
  • explain and reinforce instructions. This is especially helpful when your patient is cognitively impaired.
  • solve logistical challenges to obtaining needed care.
  • encourage patients to see you for routine care, instead of compiling long shopping lists to address during the annual physical.

Can Outpatient lead to higher revenues for my practice?

Absolutely. With more efficiency, you can see more patients. You may also have a better relationship with your patients who will feel happier and more satisfied with your care. That’s increasingly important as patient satisfaction and other quality metrics now influence how you’re compensated. And, your practice may grow as satisfied patients spread the word about you.

How does greater family support bring your practice closer to meeting ever increasing quality metrics?

With better relationships. Hands down, that means patients who are more satisfied. You’ll have the type of rapport to inculcate the significance of what you’ve prescribed. Why does grandpa need to check his blood pressure everyday? How often does he need a colonoscopy? Why does mom need a mammogram every year? Patients would agree to get the tests necessary for you to track pertinent health metrics – and to show up for follow up visits. All these factors mean improved health and greater satisfaction.

How does Outpatient align your patient’s goals with the goals of your practice?

By building trust and loyalty through better communication channels. Well-informed family members feel more empowered and less stressed. They understand your rationale for treatment and the risks involved. This could lead to fewer complaints and litigations. And, when that inevitable adverse reaction or undesirable outcome happens, patients could be more understanding, less frustrated and angry.

Could I think of that family champion, along with other relatives, as my allies?

Yes. Outpatient enlists family members and other caregivers to manage and reinforce treatment and preventive care plans. These family champions encourage patients to perform the daily monitoring that you’ve requested. Imagine a world in which all your patients check their blood glucose or blood pressure? Game changer. It gets better with patients who:

  • return for follow up appointments.
  • make time for screenings such as mammograms and colonoscopies.
  • take their medications as prescribed.

Does that mean that Outpatient can increase adherence?

Yes. And, Outpatient’s platform easily integrates family members who have more time. Rather than sporadic phone calls and confusing email threads, all family members – busy or free, near or far, young or old – can seamlessly join the family support team. The bigger the team, the more people who are reinforcing your message and care plan.

How can patients’ families provide valuable insight about the patient’s lifestyle and challenges?

Family members fill in the gaps to understanding the many factors that affect your patients’ health. These include:

  • social, personality, or cognitive issues that limit adherence.
  • barriers to care that the patient hasn’t mentioned.
  • literacy difficulties that prevent the patient from reading the prescription bottle or informational material

How will Outpatient assist with finding appropriate services and referrals?

Eventually, Outpatient will enhance your ability to find appropriate colleagues who take the same insurance plans as your patients. This is especially helpful for areas in which you are less familiar. In the process, you’ll learn about more services and providers to further help your patients. The referral feature could also ensure that your colleagues can see your patients in a timely manner, rather than later when the situation is more urgent. No more repeated calls from patients who can’t get an appointment with referrals that you’ve recommended.

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