How Does Outpatient Help Physicians & Medical Professionals Reach Their Clinical & Practice Goals?

How does Outpatient help families be more efficient with use of their time (and yours)?

  1. Ease of tracking appointments and coordinating logistics of getting patients to the appointments
  2. Family know how and where to look for key information about their loved ones
  3. Reduces inter family texts, emails and phone calls to stay informed and offer help
  4. Reduces need for multiple family members to call or email you to ask what is gong on
  5. Designates a champion so you know who to deal with and who is really responsible for making things happen
  6. Family members can bring their skill and knowledge to reinforce what you tell the patient so you do not need to repeat same message many times
  7. Puts family members on the same page so when different relatives or caregivers bring in mom or dad you do not need to review everything from scratch

How does Outpatient help you gain office efficiency and increase practice revenue?

  1. Enlist family to help patients schedule needed tests and return for follow up appointments
  2. Having allies in reinforcing preventative care plans and treatment plans adds to patient buy in and more scheduled appointments
  3. Keeping track of the increasing scope of quality metrics is time consuming for you and your staff, but is becoming more important for compensation. Outpatient helps enlist families to encourage patients to stay on top of their care (mammograms, colonoscopies, blood pressure checks, diabetes checks, blood monitoring tests, medication compliance, etc)
  4. Save you and your staff time trying to figure out what medication patient is actually taking
  5. Reduce challenge of providing instructions to patients with cognitive impairments
  6. Reduce time helping patients get past logistical challenges to obtaining needed care
  7. If patients are better at coming in for routine care, they are less likely to bring in long shopping lists during their physicals

How does Outpatient help patients and families understand their health issues……..and increase satisfaction?

  1. Families can use their skill and knowledge to reinforce what you said
  2. Another voice to explain why tests are needed and treatments important
  3. Families can fill in gaps in understanding or let you know what they are so can be addressed
  4. Families can help report and address social or personality factors that limit compliance with care plan
  5. Families can read and present material you give to patients
  6. Families can make you aware of barriers to care that you are not aware of
  7. Champions can pull together and present information when patient is too Ill or cognitively impaired to do so themselves

How does Outpatient increase compliance with your care plans, follow up visits, follow up on referrals, avoid no shows?

  1. Remind patient about upcoming appts
  2. Remind/explain why they need to take meds, do tests, see specialists etc
  3. Remind that there are people who care that you take care of your health
  4. Distribute the workflow to less busy family members who care
  5. Family buy in reduces chance patients will dismiss, ignore or forget recommendations
  6. Makes families helping patient remotely feel less of a challenge or barrier to getting involved since it is easier
  7. Older patients do not want to be a burden to their kids so they leave them out of the loop.   Outpatient reduces that barrier

How does Outpatient enlist family support in meeting ever increasing quality metrics (win-win)?

  1. Remind and encourage to get needed screening tests (mammo, colonoscopy, bone density )
  2. Remind and encourage to get follow up labs for chronic conditions, blood pressure checks etc
  3. Let family know the specific health metrics you need to track to help THEM
  4. Help patients and families understand why need to check certain tests and see them regularly for f/u

How does Outpatient help with finding/providing the right service/referral (future)?

  1. Enhance ability to direct your patient to the right colleague (especially in areas you are less familiar with).
  2. Increase your knowledge and understanding of services provided in your community and your region
  3. Ensure patients can be seen in a timely manner, not 2 weeks or 2 months later when situation is more urgent
  4. Avoid the repeated calls to your office when patients cannot get in where you send them
  5. Simplify getting patients where they need by matching service provider and Insurance requirements automatically
  6. Alert you to logistical challenges patients have in following up on referrals or obtaining needed DME (Durable Medical equipment ie cpap, oxygen, orthotics, glucose monitors, insulin pumps etc) referral service can then help work around the challenges

How does Outpatient align your patient’s goals with the goals of your practice/group/system/network?

  1. Times saved allows you to provide more care to more people
  2. Satisfaction translates into practice and revenue growth
  3. Improved satisfaction leads to increased trust (of you and your organization)
  4. Informed family members who understand what you are doing and why, what the diagnostic and therapeutic risks and benefits are, and can be part of the decision making process are

Less likely to: Get angry with you and your staff, feel excessively stressed and powerless, file complaints at various levels, speak with attorneys etc (CRM)


you will be building loyalty and trust which will help manage the situation when the inevitable adverse reaction or bad out come does happen

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